What is this blog all about?

I began this blog as a resource for digital productivity in the knowledge sector, particularly for students and researchers. My inspiration for starting it came from my own experiences as a graduate student, as well as my admiration for individuals like David Sparks and the broader productivity blogosphere. Initially, I intended to write for a broad audience, regardless of the operating system they use. However, over time, my focus has shifted.

There have been three main developments that have led to this change:

  • My initial goal of writing for a broad audience often conflicted with my own personal setup, as I am an avid Apple user and have limited knowledge or interest in the Windows and Linux worlds.
  • I wanted to reach a wider audience, which prompted me to switch to writing in English in the past year.
  • I am interested in widening my focus and writing about topics that connect digital productivity with other aspects of life. As a social scientist, these other areas of interest greatly influence and enrich my perspective on productivity and digital tools.

As a result of these developments:

  • I have already switched to writing in English.
  • I will no longer try to accommodate Windows and Linux users, as I can only confidently write about products, apps, and services that I use on a daily basis.
  • This blog will likely become more personal as I write about topics that interest me and intersect with digital productivity and other aspects of my life.

I hope that you will continue to follow my journey and find value in these slight readjustments. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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