Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – Relay for St. Jude

It is the ultimate horror for every parent that their own child becomes seriously ill. No family in the world should suffer such a fate. That’s why I would like to support the fundraising campaign of the podcast network Relay FM for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Children with cancer from all over the world are treated there free of charge. In addition, St. Jude has been researching better cures for decades. I can hardly think of anything more worthy of support.

Relay FM has been doing these fundraisers for several years now and you can be sure that the money goes directly to St. Jude – one of the founders of Relay FM, Stephen Hackett, was born in Memphis and lives there with his family. Also, his oldest son was treated there. Through this sub campaign, I would like to help reach a larger audience and thus raise more money for this incredibly important cause. Thank you for every contribution!

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