Person hält iPad in der Hand

The iPad Buying Guide (April 2022)

One of the most important questions that arises for paperless studying is that of reading and note-taking. The iPad is generally a good solution for this. In this article, I have a look at all currently available iPad models and answer the question: Which iPad should I buy for university? The obvious solution: laptops But first, let’s take a quick look at the obvious solution: laptops. If you look into any lecture hall, you will see many, many MacBooks (usually MacBook Airs), supplemented by one or the other Samsung device, rarely Lenovos or others. That makes sense, since most people …

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Apple’s M1 MacBook – THE laptop for university?

The new MacBook powered by Apple’s own ARM-based chip were met with an enthusiastic or at least interested professional community at the end of 2020. The many advantages were praised in blogs, on YouTube and on news sites; thus, the new laptops appeared to be miracle cures or saviors. Sebastian Kunze has such a device and, as a humanities and cultural studies scholar, put it through its paces. Here is his report. 

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