Custom paper types and covers in GoodNotes

GoodNotes is the app par excellence for me when I want to take handwritten notes. There are many reasons for this. The thoughtful design of the app, for example, or the consistent ongoing development and maintenance of the app. I have already written a lot about this in my review of the latest full version. One of the best features for me, however, is the ability to personalize my digital notebooks. This personalization works in two ways: on the one hand you can change the cover, on the other hand you can change the type of paper you write on. …

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Organize notes in Obsidian – my workflow

Organizing notes in Obsidian is certainly possible thanks to folders and hashtags. However, I wanted to take a different approach and rely on a mixture of tables of contents (or maps of content), tag pages, and very classic folders. A detailed overview of my file structure in Obsidian For about a year now, I can’t imagine my daily work without Obsidian. In the beginning, I was just looking for a home for my Zettelkasten, but in the meantime I write everything from quick notes to diary entries to scientific papers in Obsidian. And sometime last year I realized that it …

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