Notebooks 12 released

So… it’s been a while. In the past, I usually aimed for about two to three articles per month. Lately, I was not able to maintain this schedule due to several reasons. Most importantly, I try to focus on my PhD. Then, there was a (much needed) vacation and just a lot going on. And I am not sure that the slower cadence will change any time soon. Sorry! But enough of the excuses, back to the content: Notebooks 12 (or Notebooks 3 on the Mac) has been released. Notebooks is an app that is comparable to DevonThink or KeepIt. …

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Person hält iPad in der Hand

The iPad Buying Guide (April 2022)

One of the most important questions that arises for paperless studying is that of reading and note-taking. The iPad is generally a good solution for this. In this article, I have a look at all currently available iPad models and answer the question: Which iPad should I buy for university? The obvious solution: laptops But first, let’s take a quick look at the obvious solution: laptops. If you look into any lecture hall, you will see many, many MacBooks (usually MacBook Airs), supplemented by one or the other Samsung device, rarely Lenovos or others. That makes sense, since most people …

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„Jetzt ist das iPad endlich gut!“ – Interview mit Paperlike-Erfinder Jan Sapper

Vor ein paar Wochen hatte ich hier die Paperlike 2 Displayfolie für das iPad im Test und war ziemlich überzeugt. Jetzt habe ich mit dem Menschen gesprochen, ohne den es Paperlike nicht geben würde: Erfinder Jan Sapper. Wir haben darüber gesprochen, wieso es Paperlike eigentlich gibt, was sich mit der zweiten Version ändert, welche Tools das dezentrale Paperlike-Team nutzt, um über Kontinente hinweg zusammenzuarbeiten und wieso der Chef manchmal Pizza für alle ausgibt. Ein Interview

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