How I use Twitter, Readwise, and Obsidian to keep myself updated on the war in Ukraine

I don’t want to say too many words about the terrible things that are going on in Ukraine right now. This is the wrong place for that. But the war there prompted me to inform myself very thoroughly about various topics, such as the history of the war, the situation in Crimea or the Donbass, or military-strategic considerations, so that I can better assess the situation there. As a political scientist, I also have a professional interest in this regard. Twitter has become an enormously important source for me.

You can say whatever you want about Twitter, but there are also a lot of very smart people there that I would never meet otherwise. On Twitter, they write easily accessible long threads about their expertise, and for me, these are enormously helpful entry points. Now, Twitter is not designed for the consumption of long texts. Long threads are not particularly comfortable to read, let alone process.

Readwise and Obsidian in concert

To solve this problem, I use the Twitter bot from Readwise, which I wrote about before. I just have to write the comment @Readwiseio save thread below a tweet, and the bot captures the thread. Since I have my Twitter account put into my Readwise account, that’s where the thread goes.

So much for the import. But it gets really exciting with the export function of Readwise. Here, I have installed the official Readwise plugin in Obsidian, so that new highlights are imported directly to Obsidian. There I also read the thread, because I can use parts of it directly for my own notes or compare and relate sources. In connection with my Obsidian Set-Up this works flawlessly and automated, so exactly the way you want it. Twitter is an important source of information for me, and in combination with Readwise and Obsidian I can also work with it productively.

If you want to try Readwise, feel free to use this link for that. We will both get a free month.

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